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Our Little Big Story

For over 40 years this couple has done countless things together, the most remarkable thing is creating a family. Raising 3 girls couldn't have been easier for the former beautician and his wife who is a lover of ALL things beauty. While raising their daughters, they taught them a lot of life lessons, many of them including beauty remedies they've created over the years. It was this year that the couple, along with their youngest daughter, decided it was time to share these goods with the world. Starting with their signature "Coconut Oatmeal" face and body bar, the family has created additional nutritional face and body bars.

Message from the family

We are committed to you and your well being! We've put aside the latest beauty trends and products to formally introduce you to a new and healthier alternative! We have decided to put our families' beauty remedies and secrets out so that everyone can enjoy and benefit from them! Buying from local and trusted herb shops in New Orleans, we offer a variety of organic beauty products, starting with our signature soaps. All of our products are organic, fresh, healthy, and beneficial to you in many ways.

It's our goal to ensure that you are happy and satisfied with your shopping experience. If you have questions or concerns about our products, delivery, or shipping, get in touch!

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